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  • Mission

    Become a supplier of excellent plastic products. Provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic products, effectively reduce harmful emissions, let people live in a clean air environment, win the favor of consumers, making us the preferred supplier of plastic products
  • Vision

    To be a leading enterprise in the plastics industry. Expanding the market and radiating surface with only 4 meters wide PVC film production in China, on the basis of consolidating the original PVC film market, occupying the middle and high-end decorative PVC film products, art soft walls and industrial coils , Leading the development of the industry, and strive to become a "leading enterprise in the plastic industry"
  • Values

    Standing with integrity, innovation and strength The Chinese nation regards "integrity" as the foundation of standing and its own moral cultivation, which is also the basis of the core values of socialism. Actively advocating the value orientation of "integrity" is to use "integrity" as a dominant form of concept chosen by the culture, which determines the value choice of the enterprise and creates newer value. The core value of innovation is the internal cause of innovative behavior, which stimulates the desire and motivation of innovation. Longwei's value connotation of "Integrity and Innovation, Innovation and Strength": Integrity is the foundation of establishment, and innovation is the road to development