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What types of wall decoration panels are there?


In the decoration, there are many decorative materials for the wall, and the decorative board is a commonly used decorative material. So, what types of wall decorative panels are there? The following editor will give you an introduction: the types of wall decorative panels, purchasing skills and construction procedures.

What are the types of wall decoration panels

There are many types of wall decoration panels. According to the types of materials, they can be roughly divided into three categories: solid materials, plates and sheets. Let's take a look at the wall decoration panels of these three materials one by one.

1. Solid decorative board

Solid decorative panels refer to solid wood wall decorative panels. However, there are not many real solid wood panels in the market today. There are mainly two types of solid decorative boards: fine wood and plywood.

Solid wall decoration board

Advantages: The advantages of solid decorative panels are: good sound insulation and heat insulation, and low moisture content, mainly used for sandwiching walls.

Disadvantages: The moisture-proof performance of solid decorative panels is poor, so during the construction process, attention should be paid to moisture-proof treatment.

2. Plate

The wall decorative panels of the board type are mainly MDF and decorative panels, and their more prominent features are: high density and smooth surface.

It should be noted that due to the different production processes, the environmental performance of this type of decorative board is also quite different. Therefore, if you buy a board-type wall decorative board, you must choose environmental protection performance. High.

3. Sheet decorative board

When it comes to sheeting, many people may not understand it, but particleboard and integrated board are probably familiar to everyone, but this belongs to the category of sheeting.

Sheet wall decoration board

The sheet is a special panel formed by repeated pressing, and its advantages are: good bending resistance, good fire resistance, and not easy to deform. Sheet decorative panels are mostly used in the TV wall of the living room, and their environmental performance is relatively good.

Types of integrated wall decoration panels

Among the wall decoration panels, one type is particularly popular, that is, integrated wall decoration panels. The integrated decorative panels can also be divided into three categories: bamboo fiber, aluminum alloy and PVC.

1. Bamboo fiber integrated wall panel

As the name suggests, bamboo fiber wall decoration panels are made of bamboo fiber as the main material and then extruded at high temperature. There are many advantages of bamboo fiber integrated wall panels. Among them, the outstanding environmental performance is very good, and the formaldehyde emission is far lower than the national standard (0.3mg/L); other advantages include: moisture-proof, flame-retardant, mothproof, Long service life etc.

Integrated wall decoration board: bamboo fiber material

2. Aluminum alloy integrated wall decoration board

We are all familiar with aluminum alloy! The aluminum alloy integrated board has the advantages of good sound insulation, light texture, strength, high rigidity, and good corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy integrated decorative board is a good choice, and it is also very durable.

Integrated wall panel material: aluminum alloy

3. PVC integrated board

PVC is made of polymer compounds, combined with reinforcing fibers, and then processed through multiple processes. Its outstanding features are: pure color and rich embossing. PVC integrated board has good toughness, relatively low price, and easy to clean. It is a good type of wall decoration board.

Price: The price of the integrated wall decoration board varies, usually between 180-300 yuan/square meter. Of course, the price brought by different brands and styles is also different, and the low may be as low as tens of yuan. One square meter can be as high as several hundred.

pvc integrated decorative board

Wall decoration board purchase skills

1. Color difference

First observe the chromatic aberration of the decorative board. If there is a chromatic aberration, it means that there is a problem with the quality, so don't choose it; secondly, the pattern. If the pattern is not correct, it will affect the overall effect after installation.

2. size

The size of the decorative board is also exquisite, the thickness of the plywood should not be less than 5mm, and the thickness of the wood board depends on the situation: the mosaic is not less than 15 mm, and the mosaic without the mosaic must be more than 10 mm.

Wall decoration board purchase skills: small color difference, standard size

Construction process of wall decoration board

1. Determine the installation location

At the beginning, first determine the location of the decorative board, then use a ruler to draw the line, and then find out the elevation and plane position (refer to the drawing).

Bounce the line before installing the decorative board

2. Embedded parts

Next is the processing of the embedded parts, the spacing size and position of the arrangement should be set.

3. Keel installation

The wooden bricks should be nailed with nails (2 or more), the wooden retaining wall and wooden keel should be straightened before installation, and wooden pads should be placed between the skeleton and the wooden bricks. There are also some treatments that need to be done: the wall panel is coated with a moisture-proof layer, the wood keel and the wall are treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the other three sides should be painted with fire-resistant paint.

Wooden bricks fixed with nails

4. Install blockboard

After the keel is installed and checked, the 15mm thick blockboard can be installed. It should be noted that the fixed spacing of the nails should be kept at about 20cm, so as to be nailed firmly; 5mm up and down expansion joints should be maintained between the splicing plates.

5. Decoration board installation

After the above steps are completed, the final decorative panel can be installed. Each room can choose different wall decorative panels according to different styles and functions.

Wall decoration board installation

Summary: I have introduced so many questions about the types of wall decoration panels. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. When purchasing decorative wall panels, the primary consideration should be environmental protection, and then choose the style according to your own needs.

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