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Why is the integrated wall not popular enough? What are its advantages and disadvantages as a wall decoration material


The wall decoration materials that are well known to us include latex paint, wall coverings, diatom mud, soft and hard bags, which are common and commonly used. Integrated wall is a new type of indoor wall environmental protection decoration material that was only proposed in 2009. So far, it has not become a leading material for wall decoration and has not been widely publicized. What is the reason that integrated wall can not become a popular interior decoration material? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The types of integrated walls are divided into 5 types according to materials:

The first material is made of three layers of sound-proof foam material and aluminum foil.

The second type is nanofibers, which are made of bamboo fiber as the main material and extruded at high temperature.

The third type is solid wood integrated wall, which is made of natural logs for cutting and surface polishing.

The fourth type is ecological stone integrated wall, which is formed by co-extrusion with natural marble stone powder and food-grade resin material.

The fifth type is the polymer integrated wall surface, which is made of polymer compounds as the basic material, adding reinforcing fibers, and applying high-tech technology to high-temperature demoulding.

Why integrated wall decoration is not popular

Fundamentally speaking, it is not practical enough, so it is not welcomed by consumers; indirectly, there are few merchants doing integrated wall surface. According to statistics, as of 2017, there are fewer than 300 integrated wall decoration material manufacturers nationwide. On the other hand, the amount of advertising is small and not publicized. These are the main reasons for the unpopularity of integrated walls.

What are the disadvantages of integrated wall

The shortcomings of the integrated wall make it impractical, so its shortcomings are more of an essential problem

1. Area

The decorative construction layers such as latex paint for the walls and wall coverings are very thin, and the thickness of the integrated wall is about 1cm, which invisibly occupies a large area after the whole house is used.

2. High cost

The production cost of integrated materials is higher than that of wall coverings, so the prices on the market are also more expensive. 3. Easy to scratch

When encountering sharp objects, it is easy to scratch and leave marks. It can only be viewed from a distance, not visible, and maintenance is inconvenient.

4. Inconvenient transportation

The integrated wall is produced and transported as a whole piece, the longest can reach 6 meters, the transportation is very inconvenient, and the transportation cost is increased, and the transportation process must be very careful, and it will be troublesome to be broken. 5. No texture and not strong

Essentially, the integrated wall has no texture and is not high-end enough. It is a relatively low-end wall decoration material; it is not strong and has not been completely whitened. It is true to install something that cannot be bumped at home. tired. Of course, the integrated wall also has its own advantages

1. Environmental protection

The integrated wall panel is proposed for disadvantages such as complicated and complicated procedures, so environmental protection is still guaranteed. 2. Low labor cost

The installation of the integrated wallboard does not require complicated procedures and craftsmanship, so the labor cost is greatly saved.

3. Waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof

It can be waterproof and moisture-proof, avoiding the phenomenon of water droplets hanging on the wall in time. The fire rating reaches B1, which basically meets the fire protection requirements of the project.

4. Super hardness

We have introduced the types of integrated walls above. It can be seen from its materials that it is very hard and can be used on various types of retaining walls. It has advantages but also disadvantages. It is too hard and not suitable for families with children, especially on the decoration of the wall of the room.

5. Easy to scrub without deformation

Its material determines this advantage.

6. Strong three-dimensional effect

Can be made into various favorite fashion patterns, with a strong sense of design.

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